Happy Labor Day: 5 Tips For a Great Day

1. Get your allergy testing in before the holiday. Take…

Pool Party

1. Get your allergy testing in before the holiday. Take a look at this post to see if you might have allergies before watery eyes prevent you from making a splash.

2. Check the weather before you head out. In New York City, Ragweed is already in full bloom, so you might want to download one of these apps.

3. Come prepared with “safe-for-you” snacks. If it’s food allergies you’re worried about, take a listen to this podcast for some helpful Summer BBQ Party ideas, and this podcast on how to handle Alcohol Allergies.

4.  Celebrate with dessert. How about some food allergy friendly sweet treats that everyone will love? Take a look at our tops picks in NYC here.

5. Make sure to moisturize post pool. Because skin allergies tend to flair up during seasonal changes, you’ll want to find a routine you can stick to. Take a look at these skin soothing tips here.

How will you be celebrating this year? Tag us in a photo on Instagram @HudsonAllergy with the hashtag #allergieswontstopme to share your favorite moments from summer.

Think you might be experiencing allergy symptoms? Come in to get tested today.

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