Hudson Allergy – Feature a Patient’s Business: Michael Seelenfreund – Financial Professional

What is your name and what is your job title?…

What is your name and what is your job title?
My name is Michael Seelenfreund and I am a Financial Professional.

What is the name of your business, and your website URL?
JH Darbie & Co., Inc.,

When was your business founded and how long have you been working there?
JH Darbie was founded in 1997 and I have been working here since 2012.

Please describe your business: What is your elevator pitch? Who is your ideal customer?
I work with a team of professionals in managing money for clients. We specialize in liquidating positions for Institutional funds in the small cap arena and building portfolios of undervalued companies.

Please describe your role in your business: What does your day-to-day look like?
Starting at 5:30 I read the Journal, analyze stocks, prepare deposits for liquidation, and speak to clients, both retail and institutional.

How has seeing an allergist (visiting Hudson Allergy) helped you be more productive in your profession?
I am breathing better and have more energy at the end of the day!

What advice do you want to give to anyone reading this?
Don’t allow your allergies to rule you. Just as there are ways to maneuver through any market to achieve positive results, so too can going to the right allergist – yes, Hudson Allergy is the right allergist – help you maneuver through your day.

What is your favorite thing about NYC?
I’ve been a New Yorker since birth and I love the vibrancy that the various cultures bring to the city. Walking through the different and unique sections of New York City brings me into contact with people from all over the World.

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