Hudson Allergy – Feature a Patient’s Business: Tolu Odunfa Dragone – Oddragone LLC

What is your name? Tolu Odunfa Dragone. What is the…

What is your name?
Tolu Odunfa Dragone.

What is the name of your business, and your website URL?
Oddragone LLC,

When was your business founded and how long have you been working there?
The business was established in 2015 when I was on maternity leave with my son and we have been working on design projects since then.

Please describe your business: What is your elevator pitch? Who is your ideal customer?
Oddragone is primarily an Interior Design Studio focused on Luxury Residential and Commercial projects of any size. We are happy to work on projects as small as a room in your home to a large hotel. I have worked the last 5 years in Luxury residential and Hotel design and have designed everything from a model apartment to a lounge on a cruise ship! Our ideal customer will trust us to design a space that is authentic, beautiful and functional.

Please describe your role in your business: What does your day-to-day look like?
I am the head designer at Oddragone, so I engage with clients; come up with the style direction/concept of the project; help prepare initial budgets; develop the concept into layouts, materials and furniture; liaise with architects and contractors; in some cases, purchase furniture and accessories; oversee the construction of the project; and style the completed space for move-in.

How has having your child seeing an allergist (visiting Hudson Allergy) helped you be more productive in your profession?
It has given me peace of mind so I can focus on my work. When we discovered that my son had a peanut allergy, I didn’t know how I would be able to protect him from a severe reaction – I was worried and I was clueless. The doctor was able to diagnose his allergen and provide a course of action/treatment in the case of accidental exposure/ ingestion. She also emphasized the importance of avoiding the allergen as much as possible and gave us useful information that would help us do so. Finally, she encouraged us to participate in any groundbreaking treatments that were offered at a local hospital towards helping eliminate or alleviate the allergic reactions.

What advice do you want to give to anyone reading this?
If you think you or a family member has allergies, see an allergist! You may not be sure – maybe you just have a feeling because of a weird redness on the skin or tummy troubles. Knowledge is power, so why not empower yourself and ultimately keep yourself and your children healthy.

What is your favorite thing about NYC?
New York is so full of possibility – that’s why there is so much of everything. I love the global feel and the access to so much amazing design, fashion, food and entertainment.

Get Social with Oddragone LLC:
Instagram: @oddragone

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