Rush Immunotherapy and Traditional Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy, or more commonly know as allergy shots, aim to…

Immunotherapy, or more commonly know as allergy shots, aim to retrain the immune system into no longer viewing foreign allergens as a threat.  Most patients who participate in this treatment find themselves using far less, or even no, medication.

Here at Hudson Allergy we offer bespoke immunotherapy treatment tailored exclusively to address your symptoms, on your schedule.

At Hudson Allergy, every patient with seasonal allergies is examined to determine exactly was does, and what does not cause allergy symptoms.  With that information, we develop a patient specific strategy for treating the allergy.  For many people with allergies, asthma or eczema, medications either fail to truly control the symptoms, or the side effects of medications are intolerable. For those people, immunotherapy offers a great chance at symptom relief.

Immunotherapy is a commitment and not for everyone as immunotherapy requires time.

We offer a rush immunotherapy procedure that can reduce the amount of time one needs to get to maintenance therapy.  Rush Immunotherapy is an accelerated process that is done quickly to increase your tolerance to an allergen. Hudson Allergy is proud to be one of the few practices in Manhattan offering Rush Immunotherapy.

Anyone considering immunotherapy should first be evaluated by a board certified allergist to ensure that you are a good candidate. If you were considering immunotherapy, or “allergy shots”, but thought that it was too time consuming, Rush Immunotherapy could be a solution for you.

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