What We Do

Hudson Allergy is New York City’s premier private allergy practice.

Founded and led by two Columbia University trained physicians, Hudson Allergy provides patients with world-class, expert medical care in a comfortable and inviting environment in Manhattan. We treat a variety of allergy and immunology diseases.

Our allergy testing capabilities are second to none, and our practice is highly specialized in dealing with complex allergies. When another doctor needs help with allergies, they come to us.

We specialize in evaluating and testing for many allergy conditions, including Skin Allergies, Food Allergies, Seasonal Allergies, Asthma, Drug & Medication Allergies, and more. We test with a variety of methods, including different types of skin tests and food challenges.

As your NYC allergy doctor, we bring the most advanced treatment and testing methods to the community, offering the widest range of testing abilities in Manhattan. Our treatment options include allergy shots, medications, complementary & alternative medicine, and other options tailored to your specific ailment.

If you suffer from any of these types of conditions or are looking for an allergy doctor NYC, contact us to schedule an appointment and improve your quality of life.

Culture, Mission, Vision

Culture: We strive to provide personalized, evidence-based care that best serves the unique needs of each patient.

Patient education is at the center of our allergist NYC practice. An educated patient is a healthier patient. We spend more time with our patients and they spend less time waiting.

We provide a full range of state of the art allergy and asthma services including, allergen skin testing, contact allergen patch testing, allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots), desensitization, medication allergy testing, food allergy testing, and food challenges.

Mission: We are a Manhattan allergist that provides world-class, expert medical care to our community in a comfortable and inviting environment.

Vision: To create a community that is educated on the cause and effects of allergies, where knowledgeable citizens can mitigate allergy discomfort and risk.