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Do we break up?

So you’ve gotten past the swiping and texting and first few dates, and it seems like things are moving forward with this new hottie.


The only problem is –

He’s allergic to Muffin.

What to do when you want to snuggle up with both your pet AND your allergic new partner?

The good news is, you don’t have to give Muffin away to a new owner OR break up with the human. (Unless of course you’re looking for a reason to break up… which is probably a topic for another type of Google search )

  1. It might not be pet allergies after all. Often times, sneezing around pets can make you think you’re allergic to the furball itself, when actually you’re allergic to dust mites that can grow and multiply from their dander. If you are having symptoms from pet allergies don’t forget about dust mites! They too can be easily treated.
  2. There are environmental ways to minimize the allergic reactions. Air filters and vacuums with a HEPA filter are fantastic ways to minimize dust mites that could trigger allergic reactions. Especially if you have a pet, it’s essential to do a cle an sweep once or twice a week. Also, keep pets off of your furniture – or get leather furniture that will not hold onto allergens.
  3. There are treatment options for allergies beyond over the counter medicine. Getting allergy shots, a.k.a. Allergen Immunotherapy, is a fantastic way to decrease a patient’s sensitivity to pet allergens, which can lead to longer lasting relief from symptoms, like runny or stuffy noses, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and more. Talk to your allergist to see if this could be an option for you.

First thing’s first –

Make an appointment with an allergist here at Hudson Allergy to confirm the kind of allergy you have and the best ways to treat it. We pride ourselves on getting you into your appointment on time and walking away with a solution as quickly and painlessly as possible. (Much more painless than having to get back on Bumble to find a new partner…am I right?)

Don’t let allergies ruin your Netflix and chill plans.


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