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Rush Allergy Tests

Rush Immunotherapy

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We recognize that traditional allergy shots require a significant commitment. During the build-up phase of immunotherapy, patients must travel to a Hudson Allergy location weekly — and this phase can last from 6-12 months.

Sometimes weekly appointments just don’t fit into some patients’ busy schedules due to existing commitments to work, family or travel.  And that’s why Hudson Allergy is proud to offer rush allergy shots.

How do rush allergy shots work? 

How do rush allergy shots work?

Rush immunotherapy treatment consolidates many allergy shots into a single day. We offer patients between one and four rush therapy visits. Typical patients will be able to get the equivalent of 40 weekly injections in just three rush visits! If appropriate, a fourth rush can be done that will bring a patient to just a few shots from maintenance.

Patients spend about four hours in one of our comfortable treatment rooms and receive no more than five series of injections during the course of the day. They also receive antihistamine medicine to reduce any discomfort. Our patients often use the time between injections to work on their laptops, make phone calls, read a book or watch a movie.

Rush immunotherapy treatment is just as effective as weekly allergy shots for treating environmental allergies such as pollen, mold, pet dander, and dust. For patients interested in fast-tracking their immunotherapy, we recommend up to four rush visits to complete the build-up phase. But no one is ever locked into rush treatment — you can change your mind and return to weekly appointments at any time.

Do rush allergy shots sound like a good solution for your allergy symptoms? Give our office a call today to find out more.


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