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Drug Desensitization

Drug Desensitization

Drug or medication allergies are surprisingly common, and they can cause serious issues with medical treatment for some patients.

For drugs such as antibiotics, there may be a suitable alternative that a doctor can prescribe to treat an infection. But for other conditions such as cancer, the most effective treatments depend on just a handful of common drugs. For patients who are allergic to these important medications, drug desensitization allows them to continue their potentially life-saving treatments.

Desensitization treatment

Desensitization treatment can also be provided for other drugs that a patient needs to take regularly. 

Aspirin, which doctors often prescribe to reduce the risk of heart attacks, is a common trigger for allergic-like reactions. By administering increasing doses of aspirin over 6-7 hours under the observation of Hudson Allergy staff, your allergist can train your immune system to tolerate the drug. 

This kind of desensitization only works for medications that a patient will be taking consistently, which allows the body to maintain the tolerance over time. Ask your allergist if drug desensitization may work for you.

Desensitization treatment


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