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Four Apps to Get You Through Spring Allergy Season

The weather in New York City is slowly starting to warm up (and we do mean slowly), which means one thing for our patients: it’s time to get ready for spring allergy season. Yes, the time has come for the ice to melt and the sun to shine, but unfortunately that brings along promises of pollen and other seasonal allergy triggers.

We at Hudson Allergy believe that it’s important to not only treat our patients but also provide the necessary education and tools to help them live more successfully with allergies. In today’s mobile-powered world, many prefer that education to be available on the go. Thankfully there are a wide variety of useful mobile apps designed to make life a little easier for allergy sufferers.


Here are the mobile apps that everyone with allergies should download:

Audio Book – Allergies
For: Android (Free)

Researching information about your allergies can take up a big chunk of time: something many patients don’t have. With this audio app you can learn about allergies any time, including on your commute, at your desk, or even while running errands and doing chores around the house. The app covers a variety of allergy topics, including preventing allergies, different types of allergies and allergens, food allergies, alternative medicine, and allergy skin tests, among others.

For: iPhone (Free)

AllergyManager helps users manage year-round nasal allergy symptoms. It provides a four-day allergy forecast and allows the user to track and rate the severity of their symptoms on a scale of none to severe. The app also offers allergy medication refill reminders. Once the reminder is activated, it begins a 30-day countdown.

For: iPhone (Free), Android (Free)

AroundMe helps users quickly find information about their surroundings. Once the app determines a user’s location it then allows them to choose the nearest hospital, pharmacy, doctor’s office, bank, gas station, hotel, restaurant, and more. The app gives a complete list of the nearby businesses in each category along with how far away they are from the user’s location. This is especially useful for when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area. Allergy patients can use this app to locate nearby pharmacies to pick up over the counter medications to manage their symptoms, or even to learn where the nearest hospital is in case of a more serious allergy attack.

Allergy Track
For: iPhone (Free), Android (Free)

With Allergy Track patients can track their symptoms and use this information to monitor their allergies over time. It also allows users to measure the impact their allergies have on school or work productivity as well as their daily activities. By tracking symptoms allergy sufferers are better able to follow the evolution of their symptoms and discuss these findings with their doctor. The app also keeps users up to date with the allergy seasons and finding tips to avoid or minimize exposure to allergens.

If you believe you have seasonal allergies or have questions about resources are available to people with allergies, give us a call. Or, if you are looking for an allergist, we’d love to meet you. We can be reached at 212-729-1283 or send us an email at info@hudsonallergy.com.


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