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4 Allergy Facts and Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings many things with it: time with friends and family, goodwill and, unfortunately, allergens. Allergies can interfere with holiday plans and generally bring down the mood for allergy sufferers during what is supposed to be a joyful time of year. Thankfully there are tips, tricks and lifestyle changes that can be used to reduce exposure to allergens and make for a much cheerier holiday.

What should you watch out for this holiday season?

1. If you have a latex allergy you may also be allergic to poinsettias. They are a member of the rubber tree family.

2. Mold spores can be found on Christmas trees and can trigger allergy symptoms. If possible, hose off the tree and let it dry completely before bringing it indoors.

3. Some allergy sufferers might want to think twice before building a fire to roast chestnuts over. Firewood can contain mold spores and wood burned in a fireplace can release airborne irritants and pollutants, which may cause asthma symptoms or allergic rhinitis.

4. Did you experience flushed skin, hives, or nasal congestion after you consumed alcohol at last year’s holiday party? Or did you experience sickness after just one or two drinks? You might have an alcohol intolerance. Click here to learn more about alcohol intolerance triggers and the related allergens that cause reactions.

It’s helpful to know and understand your holiday-related allergy triggers, and the best defense is avoidance.

With the holiday season upon us people are busier than ever, preparing themselves for time spent with family and friends. While this is a cheerful time of year, it can also be an anxious time for those with allergies. To combat some of that holiday stress we’ve put together an infographic detailing these 4 fun allergy facts for the holiday season.



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