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Hudson Allergy’s Dr. Julie Kuriakose to Speak at Prestigious Food Allergy Conference in New York City

Hudson Allergy is proud to announce that Dr. Kuriakose will be speaking at an upcoming food allergy conference in New York City.

Julie Kuriakose, MD; Physician, Educator, Author and Co-Founder of Hudson Allergy, will discuss how restaurants can become more allergy-friendly and accommodate diners with food allergies and other special dietary restrictions at the 2014 Allergy Eats Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs & Food Service Professionals, October 21 in New York City.

“I’m extremely delighted to be speaking on this incredibly important topic to such an engaged industry audience. As food allergies become more prevalent, it is critical for restaurant owners and operators to be aware of the measures that need to be taken to ensure customer safety,” said Dr. Kuriakose, who is dual board certified in Allergy and Immunology and Internal Medicine. “Some states have already passed food allergy awareness laws and other states may soon be following suit. It’s advantageous for restaurants to get a head start and educate themselves about food allergies.”

Dr. Kuriakose is an invited panelist for the conference’s “Basic Training” presentation designed to educate restaurants on improving safety and minimizing risks, implementing and executing food allergy protocols, and becoming more confident in their food allergy procedures.

The 2014 AllergyEats Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs & Food Service Professionals is presented by AllergyEats, the leading guide to allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide, and is the only industry conference of its kind. Attendees will learn the processes behind becoming an allergy-friendly establishment and the tremendous benefits it can have for their business.

Dr. Kuriakose and her partner and co founder of Hudson Allergy, Dr. Timothy Mainardi, both have notable expertise in food allergy education for restaurants, as Hudson Allergy offers a Food Allergy Safety Course that educates all restaurant staff and foodservice employees on how to safely prepare and serve food to diners with food allergies. The Hudson Allergy Food Allergy Safety Course Curriculum includes an overview of food allergies, risk management, and front and back of house preparation procedures.

The overall goal of the Hudson Allergy course is to help restaurants understand the seriousness of food allergies and minimize risk by having protocols in place for food allergic customers, as well as outline an action plan in case of emergency.

“Hudson Allergy strives to promote allergy awareness among restaurants and of food allergies in general. Through staff training and education restaurateurs can safely and successfully serve diners with food allergies as well as provide a world-class dining experience,” said Dr. Kuriakose.

In addition to food allergies, Hudson Allergy treats a wide range of allergy and immunology diseases and is highly specialized in dealing with complex allergies. The doctors at Hudson Allergy pride themselves on providing patients with expert medical care in a comfortable and inviting environment. Their flagship office is located in Tribeca and their second office will be opening soon on 5th Avenue in Flatiron.


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