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It’s Music to Her Breath

What would you do if you had shortness of breath that affected your ability to exercise and even go to work? Like most people, Sasha Prendes just lived with it – for 5 whole years! – until one morning she really couldn’t breathe and had to run to the pharmacy to get an emergency inhaler.

Luckily, she was referred to Dr. Mainardi at Hudson Allergy who promptly diagnosed her with allergy-induced asthma, brought on by her cats, plus a range of 20 other allergens including environmental and food allergens that she didn’t know she had.

As an animal advocate and cat rescuer, Sasha wasn’t willing to give up her 3 fur babies, and thanks to Dr. Mainardi, she didn’t have to! They were able to come up with a treatment plan that could manage her allergies, even while she went on tour.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Mainardi for 2 years and my life has significantly improved since getting my allergies worked out.”

Not only can she breathe and take her singing career to the next level, but Sasha can now snuggle with her cats, go for runs without collapsing, go out to eat without a fear of breaking out in hives or having her throat close up, and in general just feel more aware of her health and her body. Plus, for someone like Sasha who has a crazy schedule and travels often, she loves the efficiency at the office and is in and out in 10 minutes for all of her follow up appointments and allergy shots.

Feel like your allergies hopeless? Or have you been struggling with the same symptoms for years and wonder if it’s allergies?

Make an appointment today with HA and let us bring music to YOUR breath, too.

Sasha Prendes is a singer-songwriter originally from Kansas, now based in Brooklyn. We adore her and her music – and yes, we play it at the office!

Follow Sasha’s journey and her music here.


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