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National Donut Day 2015 in NYC : Our Top 5 Picks for #FoodAllergies

National Donut Day

There are few things in this world more exciting than a full day dedicated to one of our favorite treats – the donut. But we know how hard it can be to get excited about a holiday that revolves around food when it feels like you are allergic to everything. Food allergies are a serious challenge for any diehard foodie, but in a city like New York, there are plenty of options that will satisfy your sugary cravings and let you join in on the celebration. We’ve scoured the city for our favorite allergen friendly bakeries to prove that you can have your cake and eat it too – even if you have allergies. Here our picks for National Donut Day 2015 in NYC.

Grab your coffee and get ready to dunk:


1. Erin McKenna’s Bakery: BabyCakes NYC

(gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy sensitivities)

We love Babycakes for it’s sweet attitude and even sweeter confections. This bakery tops our list because it has everyone covered. Everything the shop serves is gluten free and vegan and many items are also completely soy-free and organic. Walk on over and enjoy!



 2. Baked by Butterfield

(gluten free, vegan)

This bakeshop specializes in the healthier cousin of the fried donut by baking all of their sweet treats to save everyone a few calories, while still making sure not to sacrifice decadence for these delightful treats. Butterfield has a few gluten free and vegan donuts available each day, so it’s the perfect place to drag your food snob friend who rolls their eyes every time you tell them you can’t eat anything on the menu. With flavors like triple chocolate and salted caramel, we guarantee you’ll forget why people love fried donuts anyway – even if just for a second.



 3. Cinnamon Snail

 (gluten free, vegan, raw )

The Cinnamon Snail is an experience all it’s own. They serve up a wide variety of food from their red truck including tofu subs, Portobello capriccio, even blue corn pancakes, but the star of the show is their awe-inducing donuts. These little guys are made fresh everyday so, while you can never be too sure what they’ll have left when it’s your turn to order, you can be sure that whatever it is will be one of the best pastries you’ve ever tasted. Some of their desserts are gluten free and there are also raw options as well for those that are a little more health conscious than the average dinner. You can even pre-order a box of their deserts for your next fiesta – just don’t forget to invite us!


4. Dun-Well Donuts

(vegan )

Walk into Dun-well donuts and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time to an old fashioned soda shop meets coffee shop that somehow is still hip enough to know and care about your allergies. Surprisingly, it was an episode of the Simpsons that sent Dun-Well’s two co-owners on a failed treasure hunt around the city to find a good vegan donut. With no luck, they decided to create a place of their own that focused on delicious treats, good coffee, and even ice cream. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you hit up this hot spot – this place is sure to inspire your next best Instagram!


 5. Donut Plant

 (Egg free)

Donut Plant is a classic New York staple that has been around since the 80s. What’s more is that the recipes used for these melt in your mouth morsels were passed down through generations of the Israel family, dating back to the early 1900s when the current owner’s grandfather started working at his first bakery.

All of the Plant’s donuts are made with all natural ingredients, using organic when possible, and all donuts are egg free. If that doesn’t give you enough reason to stop bye, consider going for their one –of-a-kind square donut with homemade filling in each bite. They even delivery almost everywhere in the city – now this calls for celebration, glad it’s National Donut Day!


 What’s your favorite allergy friendly bakery or restaurant in the city? Let us know below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and helpful tips to make New York City a fun place for food allergy sufferers!

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