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Rush Immunotherapy

Rush immunotherapy is a variation on more traditional immunotherapy in that it “rushes” the first phase of treatment. A single “rush day” is chosen, and over four hours, the patient receives the equivalent of 3-4 months of immunotherapy. The procedure is as safe as traditional immunotherapy, but much cheaper for the patient. This process speeds along the initial build up phase, but patients still need to continue their regular allergy injections. Allergy shots will be given for a period of 3 to 5 years as determined by your allergist.

A complete evaluation by a physician is needed before rush immunotherapy can begin, as there are some conditions that might prevent a patient from undergoing the procedure. After scheduling rush immunotherapy the physician will review a patient’s allergy test results and decide which allergens will be included in the shot serum prior to scheduling rush immunotherapy. The allergy serum will be mixed specific to each patient.


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