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Hudson Allergy – Feature a Patient’s Business: Mak & Ger

What is your name and what is your job title?
Michelle Appel Kern, CEO

What is the name of your business, and your website URL?
Mak & Ger – makandger.com

We are a digital marketing agency that has a focus on lead generation, helping businesses generate more opportunities to expand their growth.

When was your business founded and how long have you been working there?
Mak & Ger was founded in 2010 by my partner Brandon Gerson and myself. I’m Mak and he is Ger. We were working for larger marketing and media companies (respectively) and at our frequent post work happy hours we found ourselves always talking about how we could do our jobs better, and better service clients, if we had more freedom to operate with more freedom and do what we ultimately thought was right, rather than execute on the trickled down tasks that made their way on to our plates. We encountered some clients who were eager to have us help them, and we never looked back. It has been a great 5 years and we wake up daily excited for what we are doing and what is coming up on the horizon.

What is your elevator pitch? Who is your ideal customer?
Mak & Ger is a modern marketing agency with a global focus and specialization in content marketing for inbound lead generation.

Organizations hire Mak & Ger to present innovative marketing ideas, see them through to completion, and achieve desired results.

Mak & Ger will be your marketing and business operations easy button. We are your first and only call when you need to get something done.

Tell us your objectives and we will map out and execute a plan, from concept to accomplishment.

Ideally we work with companies who see a value in marketing to grow their brand and their business. Relationships are critical in our business and it is important that we work with people who foster a positive working environment that is stimulating, challenging and rewarding. We once worked with a company who acted like slave drivers instead of partners and we will never work with a company like that again. We work hard for the money, but it is important that we work with companies who are on our wavelength when it comes to observes and values.

What does your day-to-day look like?
I am proud to say I have earned the right to be at the top of our totem pole. I run and oversee our business #NotSoHumbleBrag. I ensure that the programs that we are executing for clients are executed well and that deliverables are met. I work on strategy for clients, and collaborate with my team to make sure those strategies are properly executed to ensure we achieve our objectives.

I don’t work a typical 9-5. Its more like a 6-10 with many breaks in between to be a mother. I spend a lot of time on my computer and on my phone. I love my android and Google apps.

How has seeing an allergist (visiting Hudson Allergy) helped you be more productive in your profession?
OMG Thank you So Much Hudson Allergy! When your allergies are acting up, working is the last thing you want to do. I am not a native New Yorker (I was born in Nebraska and grew up in California) and when I moved to NYC I got crazy allergies. I was a mess in the Spring, and while I love hanging out in Central Park, I would tear up and sneeze uncontrollably and just feel bad.

Skin tests helped me identify what allergens were negatively affecting me and I started treatment. It took about a year of allergy shots, but I feel cured. I can’t claim that this will happen for you, but allergy shots worked for me and I recommend them to anyone who suffers from allergies.

What advice do you want to give to anyone reading this?
Life is too short to let an ill feeling linger, and if you feel like you have allergies, get tested and get treated. Allergy shots are not that bad, and if within a year or so you can change your quality of life, I think it is totally worth it. I plan on living until 2084.

What is your favorite thing about NYC?
NYC is amazing. The culture, the people, the food, the lifestyle, traveling and claiming to be a New Yorker. If you are cool and you are from New York, no one is cooler than you are.

Michelle says: “Hudson Allergy is an amazing practice. I know both Dr. Kurakose and Dr. Mainardi and they are each excellent physicians and awesome people. I respect them both more than any MD I have ever met. Hudson Allergy has my highest recommendation and I was glad to give them a shout out on the Mak & Ger blog.”

You can find Michelle on LinkedIn.


Hudson Allergy is New York City’s best Allergy Practice with offices located in:

  • Tribeca

    49 Murray Street
    New York, NY 10007

    208 5th Avenue
    New York, NY 10010
  • Grand Central

    485 Lexington Avenue
    New York, NY 10017