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Top 5 Summer BBQ Party Ideas with Dr. Tim Mainardi and RadioMD

Summer BBQ party ideas

Summer BBQ party ideas you need to know.

Incase you missed it, take a listen now! Dr. Tim Mainardi sat down with RadioMD for the Dr. Leigh Show to give listeners his top five tips for summer bbq party ideas when you have a food allergy.

Click here to listen to the full segment.

Summer BBQs are usually the perfect time to relax and catch up with friends and family, but when you have food allergies things can get a little stressful. Check out Dr. Mainardi’s tips to help you plan for a party you can actually enjoy!

From cross contamination to mystery ingredients, it may feel like there is a lot to keep on your radar, but it’s not as hard as it looks. If you’re going to do some planning for those summer BBQ party ideas anyway, you may as well take a moment to prep yourself for any allergy triggers that may pop up during the night.

Food Allergies: 5 Tips for Navigating Summer BBQs

1. Get tested and talk with your allergist beforehand so you know what you can and cannot handle.

2. Look for hints that you might not be able to eat or drink something, like color, texture, or ingredients.

3. When in doubt, pack a safe snack to nibble on if you get desperate.

4. Stick with the basics that you have consumed historically without a problem, like protein, fruit, and veggies.

5. Don’t be afraid to say a polite “no thank you” when offered a treat you just can’t stomach.

To view the full article on RadioMD, click here.

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