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Sniffly AF

Suck it up (literally) and deal with the runny nose?

Sneeze uncontrollably in the middle of your presentation or – even worse – on a date?


In a city where it’s not realistic to avoid outside air or other people, it’s important to understand how to take control of your allergies before they get the best of you.

Let our guide to spring allergies in NYC help you!

How you get triggered.

Can you guess which nasty P-word is responsible for igniting your sniffling flare-ups?

Get your head out of the gutter, it’s…


These microscopic molecules that we call pollen are the plant world’s equivalent to a male animal’s sperm (so maybe it’s not a mistake that other P-word came to mind).

Pollen is the magic dust that helps trees and flowers and grass reproduce. It travels by wind or through animal helpers, and in its trail, it can severely aggravate our immune response.

Even if your neighborhood isn’t tree-heavy, pollen travels in the air for miles, so it can still do its damage from far away.

Typically in NYC, tree pollens hit us earlier in the spring, while grass pollens become more predominant towards the end of spring and into the summer. If you’re sensitive, this could mean a long stretch of annoying symptoms.

The key is to be prepared and prevent allergies from crushing you.

First thing’s first: Know when allergy season starts. Spring allergy season can begin as early as February if the weather is warm enough, so it’s best to think ahead. Make an appointment with your allergist and start treating symptoms before they start.

Next, know your pollen counts. Convenient apps like this, this, or this, are here to help you keep track of pollen levels in New York at different times of the day so that you can plan your activities accordingly. Obviously, it’s best to stay indoors during peak pollen hours!

Finally, make some time for spring cleaning. Regularly cleaning and vacuuming your home can help you eliminate allergens from your living space that could get tracked in from outdoors. (You might want to keep windows closed, too, for that reason!) Vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter are your best choice for trapping symptom-causing particles.

Don’t make this allergy mistake.

By far the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to allergies is…

Waiting until your allergies get really bad before taking action.

Those cold symptoms that aren’t going away?

Could actually be allergies. If your “cold” symptoms are lasting more than 7-10 days and aren’t responding to over-the-counter meds, you’ll definitely want to see a doctor and get tested.

Even if you’ve never had allergies before?

It’s totally possible to develop allergies later in life, especially when you’ve moved to a new location or get exposed to new environmental allergens.

We got you.

Whatever your cause for concern might be, our doctors are here for you, in 3 different locations around Manhattan, ready to help you understand your allergies and know exactly how to treat them.

Don’t wait until it gets bad!


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