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How to Manage Your Food Allergies on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is traditionally seen as a time to gather with family and friends to reflect on what they have been thankful for during the previous year, such as good health, a rewarding career, or the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. One thing 15 million Americans aren’t thankful for is food allergies. Unfortunately, food […]

Don’t Be Scared: 6 Tips for Celebrating Halloween with Allergies

It’s that time of year again: Americans all over the country are settling into fall. For many, this means sipping on a pumpkin spice latte while Googling unique patterns to carve into pumpkins and deciding where to hang fake spider webs. For American children it means picking out a costume and practicing telling neighbors to […]

National Donut Day 2015 in NYC : Our Top 5 Picks for #FoodAllergies

There are few things in this world more exciting than a full day dedicated to one of our favorite treats – the donut. But we know how hard it can be to get excited about a holiday that revolves around food when it feels like you are allergic to everything. Food allergies are a serious […]

Food Allergies In Restaurants – Allergy Eats Conference Recap

As food allergies become more prevalent in society, restaurants in particular are needing to take notice. That is the mission of Allergy Eats, an online guide to the best places to eat in the USA, for those who suffer from food allergies. On October 21, 2014 Allergy Eats hosted its third annual Conference for Restaurants […]

Six Tips on How to Handle Halloween if You Have Food Allergies

Children and adults alike enjoy the excitement of Halloween, whether it’s dressing up in costumes or chowing down on tasty candy and treats. For those with food allergies, however, Halloween can be a difficult, if not stressful, holiday due to the overwhelming presence of treats with common allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, […]


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